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Now Available to the USA!!

About Us

What is the Scrunchie Club?

The Scrunchie club is a club that delivers 3 new random mystery hair scrunchies to your home each month. The scrunchie club is great for starting or growing your personal scrunchie collection.

After all, a girl can never have too many scrunchies

Why the Scrunchie Club?

Our daughter loves Scrunchies! She also loves getting mail!

We thought why not put these two things together? And, BOOM just like that the SCRUNCHIE CLUB was born.

How it works:

A monthly membership is $14.99 per month. Each Member will receive a package in the mail with 3 new random mystery hair scrunchies. Packages will be mailed out across Canada and USA on the 15th of each month to ensure members get their package before months end.

Members who join before the 15th of each month will receive a package that same month.

Anyone who signs up after the 15th of the month but before the end of the month will have their 1st parcel mailed out as soon as possible on a best efforts basis, or on the 15th of the next month.

Should you change your mind about Scrunchie Club at any time it’s very easy to cancel your membership.  Simply contact us with a request to cancel your membership and its done!

About the Scrunchie Club: is a Canadian company based out of Ontario. We happily accept members from all across Canada and the USA. Our mission is to provide a little fun, excitement and anticipation to our members who can’t wait each month to see what new scrunchies they will get for their collection.


Have fun

Provide a positive uplifting experience for members

Provide an exceptional member experience